Broken Record Audio’s Services

Guitar Amp Repair

Get that beloved guitar amp of yours whipped into shape and sexier than ever! Tube replacement, biasing, re-capping, cleaning, full diagnostics and repairs of any and all problems you could possibly experience! Give us a call and chat with me about all we can do to get your amps in the best condition they have ever been in!

Instrument Repair

Repairs for any and all instrument electonics you can think to break! Electric guitars, basses, MIDI controllers, organ assemblies, keyboards, Rhodes pianos, and much much more! If you instrument is not listed here just shoot us a email or give us a jingle and find out how we can get your jam buddy back in working order!

Pro Audio Equipment

Speakers, Microphones, and Consoles, Oh My! Okay so that was a little corny. But you’re not gonna care once we get your expensive pro audio gear back up and running! There’s no job we won’t look into so instead of throwing away your favorite compressor, D.I. Box or anything else your business depends on; give us a call first! And oh yeah…of course we do cables. Lots of cables!!

Gear Mods

Got a piece a gear you want to make super special? Admit it; we all want that extra guitar pot that nobody else has. Shoot us a message and ask about the ever growing list of gear modifications we can offer or work with us to find that super special secret custom mod that nobody knows about yet!

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